Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Sunday, 19 March 2017

THE HEAT IS OFF...A very vintage jacket and Indian skirts...

The heat is off... 
after the hottest summer on record in the Bellinger Valley.

J.B. and I continue to make the most of the last weeks of daylight 
saving with a delicious Friday evening ritual of fish and chips the beach, above the beach, beside a river...

This pre-loved Indian skirt lit up as the sun sank in the west in Urunga -
an Aboriginal word meaning where two rivers meet. The Kalang and 
Bellinger Rivers meet here and flow out to the Pacific Ocean. 

 Lots of swishing and flow in this skirt... favourite shrug making an appearance again.

Another gorgeous Friday evening, further upstream 
by the Kalang...this sandy, grassy bank - sculpture gallery
free of charge - seemed the perfect spot... wander ponder...
in pre-loved Indian skirt of Caro's and my Mum's 
Rain Cheta (the label still very clear) jacket which she wore
 on her honeymoon - in 1950!

The jacket's getting tired and thin in places 
but I love wearing it all the same - and they don't make 
zippers like this one any more. 

Celebrate Mother Nature's gifts...


  1. That golden skirt looks glorious in the sunshine!
    What wonderful photos, not only do you have insanely fabulous weather but your vistas are magnificent, too.
    That mac has lasted incredibly well - and looks uber-stylish. xxx

    1. Thank you Vix,so pleased you enjoyed this post. I hope the Wind Cheta has a couple more seasons left in her. The vistas are pretty fabulous and the weather (mostly) "insanely fabulous" - except that we were inundated with flooding rain over the last week, the wet season arriving about one month late this year.. but that's Mother Nature, awesome and with a mind of her own! xx

  2. That skirt is like a sunset superimposed on an otherwise blue horizon. Just beautiful!

    1. Thank you Jody, the skirt is beautiful and the light was just perfect... xx

  3. Your skirt is glorious and perfect against the beautiful backdrop. You live in such a gorgeous part of the world - thank you for sharing it with us.

    Tomorrow our clocks go forward to herald spring for us, so does this mean the start of autumn for you?

    Have a super weekend x

  4. Thank you, Anna. Where I live our clocks go back next Sunday morning. (Not all states in Australia have Daylight Saving and ours seems to go on a bit too long nowadays - 6 months, although in Australia we really have no idea about short, dark days!). So this morning's walk in the semi dark at 6.30 will be light next week but of course the other end of the day... Your days must be gloriously long in the summer. Enjoy the new season which must give your swimming psychological advantage and joy. Autumn seems a way off yet as we have only just had summer rains and it's still very warm, especially at night. After such a long hot, hot summer, I'm looking forward to getting cardis and scarves out :) And happy to send you up some warmth. xx