Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Monday, 23 January 2017

NEVER NEVER IN THE PROMISED LAND...a picnic in twerked harem pants...

 Never Never Creek, pristine and beautiful, begins its life 
at the foot of the Great Dividing Range in The Promised Land...
when the early European settlers arrived it flowed with milk and honey in the form of 'red gold' - cedar timber; verdant, lush pastures for dairying; rainfall and plentiful water; unsurpassed natural beauty...

The Promised Land is a ten minute drive from my house and I 
still fall under its magical's stunningly beautiful, peaceful, 
spiritual...the Gumbayngir people are the Aboriginal custodians
of the land.

Earthy leaves, 
 Moss, acid green...
Mirror pools...

Inhaling the forest
as I follow the winding track
towards the sound of 
rushing water... 

Picnicking beside the Never Never with a friend...

Red and white check table cloth, about my vintage, belonged to my Auntie Betty (even everyday table cloths were made of beautiful fabric back then); beach chairs are long lifers from the late 70's, re-covered in tough canvas; picnic baskets from another time...pre-loved scarves...
Delicious fresh food...  

Magical pools...


Favourite Indian scarf discovered in a pre-loved sale at Bello Markets; my gorgeous hand crafted cotton shrug; Balinese lace top; Twerked (as in tweaked/reworked) harem pants...

I can't remember where I found the soft cotton harem pants, I've 
had them a while...but after many episodes of tripping over, getting 
hung up in the voluminous legs, I pulled out the cords, restitched a hem
and have very flowing culottes instead.

My scarves have many lives...    

Packing up the picnic...
And I leave, transformed...  

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  1. What a lovely place, and a lovely day! And you, lovely lady! I also adore that - across the globe - I took put a string into a pair of way-too-wide and long pants and made them into harem pants, and you did the opposite. It's a perfect parallel.

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

  2. I remember those stripey harem pants of yours back in - September? Isn't it great that we can rework our clothes? Mine were ridiculously wide and somehow I kept getting my foot stuck in the ankle bit (I should have glided more, dashed about less!) Thanks for visiting our lovely part of the world, Sheila. xx

  3. Promised Land , beautiful spot for a picnic , I can see why it holds special meaning for you.You are looking cool and relaxed in your twerked harem pants, I hope the weather has cooled in your part of the country.

    1. Thank you, Jill for visiting The Promised Land - gorgeous on a hot day (or any day). We are experiencing the hottest summer for decades and the driest but it's still beautiful here. xx

  4. My goodness The Promised Land is gorgeous! Truly beautiful pictures. Just as you transform your scarves into various clothing items, time in nature transforms our souls into something new and different. Thank you for participating in Hat Attack!

  5. Thank you, Judith. This year is a time of transformation...

  6. I've read quite a lot of books about the first British settlers going to Australia and what the encountered. After a grey England it must have been like arriving in paradise.
    Your twerked harems are gorgeous as is your delectable picnic. xxx

    1. Thanks, Vix! The weather must have been wonderful (don't know about the clothing in all the heat though!) but our valley back 150 years ago was far from green because the trees were all cut down, not only for the cedar but for housing etc. Old photos show dead (probably ring barked) trunks everywhere. Will we ever learn... xx

  7. What a wonderful, enchanting place Elizabeth. I've missed visiting you - too many blogs to visit, too many posts to try to write, sorry!
    Anyway, this was a magical post, dreamy and soft, thanks for sharing. You look lovely in your colourful culottes - I'd be joyful and feeling the need to dance in them too!
    Wishing you a good weekend x

    1. Thanks Anna (you are absolutely forgiven for not visiting regularly and it's something I have been working with (social media and the rest of my life) - my next post will be about it). So much better to enjoy it all (our own blogs and favourite blogs) instead of a marathon event just to get the finishing line! Have a beautiful week. xx