Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


PINK... Dazzling, vibrant, exuberant, playful...

The bougainvillea inside the main gates of Bellingen's beautiful showgrounds...  where horses are stabled and ridden, visitors camp, the annual Agricultural Show is a must on the local calendar, produce markets sell fresh and amazing
food twice a month, yoga classes are held in the hall, where I take a long cut to town on La Vie, where I added a bit more pink... 


PINK... thoughtful, 
 still, calm, serene...under the showground's  open pavillion. Mosaic table and benches a community creation.


PINK... cheeky, bold, sassy,

It was 10 degrees as I rode La Vie to Bello's 3rd Saturday of the month fabulous market last weekend. Warm cardigan, scarf and boots sort of cycle. But fickle Spring and her partner in seasonal crime, daylight saving, caught me out (just as autumn caught me out in an earlier post)
Two hours later the sun announced that winter was definitely over and I was sans hat - until my cardi
took on a new life!

In the pink with a mosaic friend
(pre loved skirt from Vintage Nest, Bello - before it became Hyde; cardi discovered in an Op Shop down south for $1) 

The mosaics were created
by festival goers at the former
Global Carnival - an ablutions 
 cement block wall became an 
art gallery.

PINK...joyful, audacious, vital...

I adore my pre loved denim jacket discovered at the 
Bello Market a couple of years ago. Worn here with blue 
camisole top  from Ubud market, Bali, on our holiday there last year. 


Earrings, a new pre-loved purchase! 
From the local Anglican Op Shop
last week for the outrageous 
price of $2 (I was happy to pay the 
ticketed price of $3 but they would 
only take $2...) 


OCTOBER IS PINK...Breast Cancer Awareness month 

PINK...Hope, faith, love...


PINK...Alive, grateful, vital...

In October 2004 I turned 50. I was in the midst of seven long weeks of Radiotherapy post two breast cancer surgeries. 
Twelve years ago...I give thanks every day for my life. For the privilege of living in Australia where our Medicare system paid for everything. 
For my amazing Breast Care Nurse, herself a survivor of breast cancer twice. 
For my G.P. who wasn't happy with an initial biopsy result of "atypical" and recommended that we should "dot the i's and cross the t's".
For the wonderful medical teams. 
For my beloved J.B. and my children and their partners.

My cancer did not show up on a mammogram. 
Because it was in the lobule, it took ultrasound to find it. 

Women, and Men, know your bodies, be aware of any changes...

Each moment's a gift