Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Friday, 11 November 2016


BELLINGEN PARK - also home of the Bellingen Magpies -
the feathered variety and the Rugby League variety. 
Top vantage point from the lighting towers means anyone crossing
the open space during nesting season is an easy bombing target by the feathered ones. As for the other magpies...I know nothing about Rugby League. Down south where I grew up it was Aussie Rules and my boys played Soccer.

  But the little grandstand was a fabulous
stage for this photo shoot...

I love purple and red together...
and a wall that makes a statement...

Need I say more...

 My skirt is older than I am and once belonged to a beloved 
aunt. I believe she made it herself...from cotton fabric you don't find any more and although the front has faded and I have repaired the waistband, I love it...
Belt, pre loved, I've had it for a long time...
but I bought the red cardi new! ... some years ago
I can't stand sleeves in the summer and love the Balinese 
lace camisoles...

 Bellingen is "Birki territory" - every second person wears 
Birkenstocks...our relaxed lifestyle and the climate...traditionally shoes aren't worn inside...Birkenstocks are easy to slip off and on, they're super comfy and come in so many colours...

Pre loved earrings from Jillian's Bello Market stall - and a gift from her because one of them was missing a hook...

As J.B.'s and my shadows lengthen, I pause for 
reflection...yesterday was Remembrance Day, the 11th of the 11th...this post is 
for my Dad, 93 years old WW2 Veteran...Looking forward to seeing him at Christmas...  


  1. How lovely to see you sun kissed and bare shouldered. It's sheepskin and boots here.
    That skirt is gorgeous and like you, things with repairs I often love more! Purple and red are wonderful together, like an explosion in a jewellery box. The red birkis are great, I'm a huge fan. xxx

    1. Thanks heaps, Vix. How quickly the seasons have changed in our respective hemispheres but how wonderful that technology can still connect us. Red and purple - I failed a "colour" section of a design course a long time ago because of my red and purple combinations ha ha!! Stay warm, Elizabeth. xx

  2. How can I improve on what Vix already said? I can see how this skirt is cherished. I seldom see colourful birkis here but I love those red ones. The colour of the air looks so deep-down warming. Aaaah, I miss those days - I didn't get much of that this year. And red and purple, also a favourite combination. Great idea to use the bleachers as a photo location.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Melanie. I really appreciate your comments and interest. As I said to Vix, I failed part of a design course once because of red and purple combinations - but who's to say what colours go with what? Who cares? Love colour, use it, I say. The air is more than deep-down warming today, though. 35 deg and windy which is what November brings. Looking forward to the rainy season. xx

  4. Your posture alone conveys a temperature that we in the northern hemisphere envy. It looks balmy and so relaxing where you are Elizabeth. I will confess that red is not a colour I've worn, or feel I can wear, but by pairing it with purple it's transformed away from the preconceived middle-agedness that holds me back. I'll see what I can do about that.
    Your skirt and it's heritage is so lovely. What happy memories must to be tied up in that fabric. The week has been a strange and sad one for the world. We are holding Remembrance Sunday here in the UK today, and I will ponder all of the dear fathers and brave men during the two minute silence.
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead x

    1. Thank you, Anna. Yes, it had been a pretty warm late Spring day and the late afternoon light added more authenticity to our beautiful climate. I have never thought about what colours should/should not be worn during middle age, or at any age! (the fabulous Melanie of Bag and Beret fame has a brilliant post this week about that very "red" thing - -
      Have a beautiful week, Elizabeth. xx

  5. What kind of tree is that? I think I remember them from when we visited Australia. It is amazing! Is it scented?

    I also adore red and purple together and combine them often. I have a red leather skirt I'm particularly fond of.

    The skirt is marvellous. How wonderful to have family heirlooms that you can wear.


  6. Hi Suzanne, It's a jacaranda tree, no scent but beautiful vivid purple bell like blossoms from the end of October through to end of November. I think red and purple are both very bold colours that are there for bold women to enjoy! Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them. Elizabeth. xx