Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Not technically a "Bello Person", she has more power and presence than any human as she runs through our lives. The Bellinger river - serene, fresh and clear or tempestuous and dangerous in flood both divides and connects our town and valley. From her source at the foot of the mountains to the sea where she meets the Kalang River at Urunga (meaning where two rivers meet) she is awesome in her beauty. 
Legend has it that the Bellinger Valley was dominated by a feminine presence so strong that it kept the local Aboriginal men away. 

Early morning from my balcony above the Bellinger River, end of winter low, awaiting the summer rains...

I have been one of the Bello people for almost 18 years, drawn here because of its natural paradise and its amazing eclectic community.

I have been washing walls, touching up paint and oiling doors - ongoing joys of being a home owner. The ladder was there - A prop! I showered, changed, and tried to fit myself into the rungs! 

My vest, pre loved, discovered in a fabulous Op Shop (Op meaning Opportunity) in Newtown, Sydney. It's velvet and I love it. 

The gypsy shawl has appeared in a couple of earlier blogs. I love wrapping shawls around pants and skirts...

Pre loved stretch jeans discovered in Vinnies for $5 - almost brand new!

My beloved red Justin western boots - J.B. brought them back from Texas after a trip there in 1985. They've been re heeled and worn and worn... with various costumes. 



The well heeled ladies on 
 Gelato Bar wall...

Bello people...a cast of colourful 
individuals from all corners of 
the globe, drawn here by the same reasons
I was...They're colourful, earthy, outrageous, 
conservative, young, elderly, farmers, 
arty, sporty, famous, sassy, hippie...

I am always entertained, bowled over, amazed...and grateful that I am part 
of this extraordinary community.   


dressed by Vintage...

Jillian, the queen of pre-loved clothing and accessories... 

Bruce and Robert from Gelato Bar travelling through the 1950's 
on the drinks refrigerator...

 Luke, creatively 
by Pre-Loved and 


 Lovely Hanna from Gelato Bar, creative, unique...

Julie...a little bit hippie, a little bit urban...

 Mary Bernadette, dancer, motorcyclist... 

Tos, approaching 80, always colourful, always creative, wise, outrageous...

Other Bello people...stunning at the market.

 Sleeping Aboriginal Man at sunset...he's high above the valley...

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  1. Wonderful photos of gorgeous people! Thank you for sharing this essay with Vis Monday, xo


    1. Thank you, Patti. And thanks for Visible Monday too! xx

  2. Looking at those cool and beautiufl Bello People I can see why you fit in a treat! I love your waistcoat and boots so much, I'd happily wear both! xxx

    1. And you'd look happily fabulous in my waistcoat and boots, too Vix!! Yes, I fit in perfectly here, it's a beautiful place and people. xx

  3. What a fabulous eclectic little community you live in!

    Those red boots! How many years have I been looking for red cowboy boots? Divine.


    1. Thanks, Suzanne. I hope you find your red cowboy boots! xx

  4. Look at all those fabulous people! I wish my town had such wonderfully-dressed characters! Those are awesome cowgirl boots - love 'em!

    1. Thanks Sheila, there are so many fabulously dressed characters in my little town, I could snap for weeks and weeks and never include everyone. I know you love cowgirl boots, as noted on your own blog. :) xx

  5. You do live in a beautiful part of our country and I so enjoyed your shots of the interesting folk who make up your community.Good luck with the Spring cleaning. P.S. Love those red boots and fringed vest. Enjoy some Spring sunshine.

    1. Hi Jill, Yes, Spring weather is beautiful now, lovely and warm low 20's and nice cool nights still. Thanks for your lovely compliments. xx

  6. What a cool, friendly and very fun looking group of people that you have in your midst to interact with in this gorgeous part of the world. The Australian landscape there is nothing short of breathtaking in the truest sense of the word.

    Many hugs & sincere thanks for all of your splendid recent comments,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Thank you Jessica for your (always) appreciated comments and warm, complimentary words. Yes, I do have an amazing community of people around me and here, as in your own beautiful country, we have incredible natural beauty. xx

  8. Dearest Elizabeth, thank you so much first of all for all of your welcome comments on my blog. I'm so happy to have you over to visit! Your neck of the woods is rather pretty too isn't it? I adore that last sunset shot with that profile in the landscape. I can understand your idea to make the most of your ladder as a prop for you outfit, as it's just the kind of crazy thing I might do. The velvet vest is gorgeous, and I would dearly love to own an authentic pair of cowboy boots like those - they're fabulous! That's such a great crowd of locals you have there. I love the little insight into your location and the inhabitants. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a fab week ahead!
    Anna x

  9. Thank you, Anna for your lovely comments. Look forward to more picnics on the sand - in the channel! xx