Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


A week in a beautiful white world...the hum of the chairlifts, an occasional snowmobile, a currawong on the wing, voices at play...


 For me, a holiday means getting away - completely - being in every moment, savouring the whole experience.
I abandon the internet and the pictorial memories stay in my camera. I love the excitement of loading up photos onto my computer when I come home (remember the days when you had a couple of rolls of holiday film in your bag and you had to wait to get them developed? And then the surprise when you got to relive those happy times again, print by print?)

From our balcony we see the early sunlight...
Falls Creek alpine resort is between 1210 and 1870 metres (6,000 ft) above sea level. It was developed after the Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme began. 
The first ski lodge was built in 1948 on land previously used only for summer cattle grazing in the natural alpine grasslands. 
The first lift, a rope tow, was built in 1951 and the first chair lift in Australia was built in 1957. Cattle grazing is no longer permitted due to concerns about their impact on the fragile alpine environment. Some of the cattlemen's huts still survive.   

J.B. and I were joined by The Narrabeeners - fabulous bonus time with Lochlan and Paige...building snowmen, hot cinnamon donuts,
Loch's tales of jumping over snow mounds as high as the ceiling,
reviving Happy Families card games at night...  

I love my red one piece suit - aged about 
25 years fabulous are the red 
turtle fur cap and red and black 
turtle fur neck warmer...bought here
at Falls Creek (on impulse, because I 
loved the colours, in a sale) when bibs and braces
and other - often fluoro - one piece suits
were the must haves. 



The snow falls...

Retro everywhere...

This down jacket, bought in 1987 during our time in the U.S. has been a true family one...the boys wore it when they were teenagers and then I claimed it. Made for the North American winter, it's toasty warm. The hat is also fabulously aged, must be approaching 30, and still good as new. (I have to decide, though, whether to brush the white "hair" to the right or left, or straight up! And because I have very short hair, this is such a fun option!)

J.B. proudly wearing "Sochi Puffy" - Superman's gift 
to his Dad after the 2014 Olympics - on a walk through the snow gum lined streets...only skiiers, boarders, pedestrians and oversnow vehicles permitted...


...cafés, bars and restaurants abound... 
art installations...
Interesting lodges...

Beautiful views... Spion Kopje, (1835 metres) in the distance. 
The ghostlike reminders of the 2003 bushfires are still visible


 J.B. and I are spirited up to Cloud 9 on Halleys Comet...

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  1. Welcome back, Elizabeth! What a wonderful post. It does seem odd looking at you wrapped up and so glamorous in all that snow whilst the UK has a rare period of gloriously humidity. I'm glad you and the family had a marvelous time.
    With your ski wear you've proved that it's well worth investing in quality stuff, your ski suit, jacket and fabulous hat are looking fantastic.
    We're twins regarding being off line and taking photos when we're on holiday. I never understand those who say they're having the time of their life when they've spent most of it on Facebook ! xx

    1. Thank you, Vix. I also don't care what's in fashion and what I "should" wear - like you, I don't do it and so my suit will keep on going until it doesn't want to do it any more!!I'm so pleased to find someone else who disappears from the internet when on holidays...does anyone else abandon social media etc.? It's fabulous to catch up with you again. xx

  2. Welcome home, dear Elizabeth. What a stunning snow covered landscape. It must be my canuck blood, but scenes like this make me feel very happy (and at home). I hope that the trip was just that - joyful - for you and that you guys all had a blast on the slopes. Your red ski suit rocks! It's great to see such a lovely hit of crimson in the midst of a white winter wonderland like that. Thank you for sharing some of the highlights of your exciting holiday with us.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica. I did spy one other one piece during the week, only one - a bit faded but its owner was obviously still loving it, so good to see. You have heaps and heaps of snow where you live and as I said, it's very exciting for us down here. In a very short few weeks it will be melting and our parched rivers will rejoice. Thanks for coming by my blog, I love communicating with you. xx

  3. Welcome home , looks like a great time was had by all and the snow gods were kind. Having only seen the Victorian Alps in Summer I enjoyed them in their Winter snow. Love your red ski suit, I am sure so much better than the current crop. Hope the last of Winter is kind in your neck of the woods.

    1. Hi Jill, thank you. Yes the Victorian Alps are beautiful at any time of the year, I think. I hope the last of winter is also kind to you - you'll be rugged up for quite a bit longer than I will! I thought it was spring the other day as it was a warm 22 but the fire was going again yesterday so I think it's the usual last blast of cold air from the mountains before the season changes. Thanks for keeping in touch, hope we can meet in person one day. xx

  4. It is really funny seeing you surrounded by snow and wrapped up wh

  5. ...whilst I an baking over here! Your red suit is super stylish and all the more so because you have used it for so long. I love the fact you are wearing that inherited upwards down jacket. I don't really do much online when I'm away unless I have wifi and a spare moment, and that is usually reading blogs a tiny bit. I tend to schedule blog content just because I am a bit paranoid and like it to seem like I'm at home! Not that most burglars would know about my blog!x

  6. Thanks for your wonderful comments, Kezzie. I guess for us - down under - because we see the "up there" northern hemisphere of the world all the time, it never seems strange to see you in a different season. However, where I live on the north coast of N.S.W. winter is very mild and very short (it's a 2 day drive from home to the snow approx. 1200 kms) and in about one week it will literally be Spring; apart from some crisp mornings, our day temperatures will be in the low 20's and dressing will be getting easier! The jasmine will be out... Enjoy the last moments of your summer. xx

  7. Snow! I loved this post, seeing the opposite of the 90 degree fashions we're wearing here! You look wonderful and so happy, xo


  8. Hi Patti, thank you, I was only just thinking yesterday how difficult it seems blogging Winter while most others are blogging Summer so I really appreciate your positive comments. I guess we'll sort of even up with our Spring and your was a very happy holiday. xx

  9. I love your beautiful winter photos! Your hat of 30 years looks fabulous with your down jacket. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

    1. Thank you, Judith, as I said to Patti (above), it's been difficult and a little strange blogging Winter while you are all summery in the northern hemisphere but I really appreciate you welcoming some early winter onto your own blog! Our snow season will be over in about 4 weeks but we have beautiful memories of our holiday. Wishing you a beautiful Fall. xx

  10. These are great photos, all with such lovely stories attached. I love that you relish the vintage items in your wardrobe. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Have a great week, Anna x

  11. Thank you Anna, our holiday at Falls Creek seems such a long time ago, especially as our weather is now spring warm - although they are having a fabulous snow season this year with 30 cm of fresh snow falling the other night. And here I am sitting at my computer in light clothes and bare feet! I love visiting you and your stories, too. xx