Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Sunday, 17 July 2016


This is the only moment of your life.
There is no past or future moment, 
only this one continuing moment...
Be here in this moment (author unknown)

Each moment's a gift...

Experience moments as a child does...

Ten days ago, J.B. and I spent a fabulous weekend of moments with our two wonderful sons and their beautiful families - a Winter Gathering - this time in a 90 year old farmhouse adjacent to Mapleton National Park in the hinterland north of Brisbane. (Every year we gather - somewhere, it changes every time because we all live hundreds of kilometres apart - to be together, to share the gifts of life, nature and love).

Mapleton Falls

Never forget how to fly...

My beautiful grandchildren, Edana and her gorgeous brother Ewan. 

 Kondalilla Falls - (Kondalilla is an Aboriginal word for rushing water) - pools
at the top, pools at the bottom of the 80 metre falls. 

Never forget how to dress for's always 
the right outfit...

My fabulous grandson, Lochlan, on an adventure
in the forest with Ewan.

The Capes...
I made the boys their superhero capes nearly
three years ago and they wear them wherever and whenever. They bring 
smiles to the faces of strangers who see their fun and joy... 
A Princess Anna cape for Paige, a Princess Elsa one for Edana...
 Then, just when I thought the cape factory had closed, I 
received a special request from Paige for her birthday this year for a Superman cape so that she could fly with Lochlan (but it had to be blue).
Fire pit comfort...pre loved pink Pashmina (a great find for $4), my hand dyed 
head wrap which I've had for decades, Indian turquoise and silver earrings, Indian wool wrap over J.B.'s track pants and well walked Merrells...

Toasting marshmallows...
 Burning marshmallows...
Getting them just right 
in the middle...

Marshmallow cooling
with J.B. and the 

Paige, my youngest
beautiful grandchild...
which stick shall I do

Each moment's
a delicious gift...

Love, it's contagious...

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  1. Love is contagious! Great post, thanks for sharing. xo


  2. We all need it, let's hope everyone catches it. Thank you, Patti, for your positive comments. xx

  3. What wonderful memory making in a beautiful and serene setting. Thanks for making me smile!

    1.'s contagious too. Your beautiful smile will be passed on. Thanks heaps, Jody. xx

  4. I too am so glad to have found your blog, Aussie bloggers of our age seem to be a little thin on the ground. I enjoyed your post of your fun, family get together in such beautiful surrounds.

    1. Thank you, Jill, I look forward to keeping in touch.

  5. Wise and deeply wonderful words, dear Elizabeth. Though such is, at times, easier said than done, I am an ardent preponderant of living in the moment and making the best of the here and now, too.

    Thank you for sharing the fun and wonderfulness that is your family with us.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  6. Hello Elizabeth:
    I love those capes you made for your grandkids,
    and the headwrap is fantastic.
    I read the 'about you' part of your blog ((((hugs)))) so glad you are well! And I also wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid!

  7. Lochlan (grandson) is heading for that department of bones and ancient things - Paleontology, I think... Thanks for your hugs and good wishes. xx

  8. You must be the coolest Grandparents ever. I bet Ewan, Paige, Lochlan and Edana absolutely love spending time you. What fantastic capes.
    That first photo looks like something straight from a fairytale.
    Your bargain pashmina is wonderful - colourful, beautiful and practical! xxx

  9. Thank you, Vix. Yes they do love spending time with us, and of course us with them. (Edana tells me "you're young" which is pretty fabulous from an 8 year old; and when J.B. left skid marks with his bicycle he was elevated in status even more with Ewan; Keeping up our dinosaur knowledge with Lochlan keeps us in; and children's Monopoly with Paige - she always wins - is a hit. Considering I wasn't too sure on the idea of becoming a grandmother... xx

  10. It is obvious how much you all love each other! Beautiful children and how fab that you made them their own super hero capes! Cool Gran extradordinaire!!

    1. I do love that title (Cool Gran extradordinaire), thanks heaps! Each time I get a beautiful comment about this post and I look again at Edana's cape, I really think I'd like one too... bring back the cape! xx