Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Fabulously aged...Evelyn, my 91 year old mother

 I recently journeyed the long way south - where winter chill had arrived - to visit my fabulously aged parents.
Mum still loves her 25 year old Lisa Ho coat (bought, she said, because 
she loved the bright pink lining!);she added one of her many colourful
scarves (my grand daughter says her great grandmother has a "scarf library"),
her faux fur hat and red earrings (she always wears earrings) ...

Coffee rituals...with Mum and Eric, my 93 year 
old Dad...

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  1. Just found you on Style Crone - your parents look amazing and that's a great hat your mother's wearing :) I presume south = south Australia???? Just been to north Norway and that's really cold!

  2. Thank you Penny. Yes, South Australia where my parents live in Mt. Gambier, famous for the Blue Lake. Mum had a great time doing this photo shoot. :)