Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Monday, 27 June 2016


I buy clothes I LOVE, clothes I'm certain I will love and wear until they
become unwearable. 
My denim dust coat was purchased from a Montgomery Ward catalogue (during a wonderful time J.B., our children and I lived in the Dallas Fortworth area)
It arrived with the obligatory 1986 shoulder pads (which have stayed back in the 80's). I love the huge pockets.  
I bought the Guatemalan  skirt during a fabulous weekend in San Antonio with my aunt when she visited us in the States. 
Lillian and I indulged in the most delicious frozen margaritas I've ever had - in fish bowl glasses...and after strolling along the canal to a restaurant we liked the look of, Lillian suggested we have another one. My gorgeous ever so conservative aunt and I giggled and laughed the hot summer night away. And the following morning went shopping...

Wandering...I'm learning to wander...
 at Bellingen Community Market.

 The leather bag accompanied me on my
first overseas trip in 1974. I locked my 
passport and wallet in it (I have no idea where
I kept the little key but I do remember unlocking
the bag at the gates to Buckingham Palace so that
we could go in and sign the visitors' book)  

I discovered the silk scarf at Bello Market a couple of years ago. 

The Mexican turquoise earrings - a gift from J.B. (he always selects the right ones for me)

 I fell in love with markets as a 15 year old at the South Melbourne Market. 
The colour, interesting people, the stalls, treasures, bargains...  


J.B. has wandering down to a fine art...


  1. You are such an incredibly stylish woman, Elizabeth. I adore everything you wear and how you put it all together.
    That market looks right up my street, I could spend hours browsing those books (and drinking Margaritas!) xxx

  2. Thank you so much, Vix. If you ever come to Australia, you must come to Bello - and to the market, you'd love it and our beautiful village. :) xx

  3. It is a testament to the quality of clothing, "even" (and I do use that word rather lightly) at a department store/mail order catalog level in decades past, as many a vintage lover/wearer knows, that a denim coat from the 1980s is still going strong and serving you so (stylishly!) well to this day. Objectively, how often will that ring true for today's mass market fashion offerings? Far less, as the quality is often so much more inferior that that of even just 25 - 35 years ago. It's fantastic that you still have this classic piece. I hope you enjoy many more wonderful years together.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree wholeheartedly re the quality of today's mass market fashion offerings...that's why we love our vintage/retro treasures :) Thank you for the good wishes for me and my classic denim dust coat. xx

  4. The market sounds wonderful!
    I LOVE that you have memories and stories for each garment. I feel like that too about many things and yet other people look askance at me when I say that!

    1. How can we NOT have such memories and stories of our clothes and accessories? Maybe some of us pay more attention to the moment when we are shopping - or, like me, buy things that I truly LOVE and know I will love for life! I'm so pleased to have found your in this fabulous blogging world.

  5. I completely agree that clothes evoke memories. I always associate certain outfits or items with specific memories. I might not remember what I ate or what the date was when a certain thing happened, but I always remember what I wore!

    1. Thank you Jody, so fabulous to connect with you and so pleased your clothes evoke memories too. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)