Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Saturday, 7 May 2016

LOVE...IT'S CONTAGIOUS's contagious too.
My favourite straw hat, shared on

I love the colours of this dress - pre-loved and gifted from a friend. 
My garden's summer colours... Vivid greens of the palms and bamboos. Flowering  ginger purple. Birds of paradise yellow and red. Ocean blue. Sand gold.  Sunset pink. Frangipani yellow.
Pre loved leather belt discovered at a market years ago...
Silver earrings, a gift from India.  

Majestic Birds of Paradise in my garden





  1. You have a gorgeous blog and I see that you enjoy the joy of headwear. Thank you for sharing your hat, your headscarf and your mother's hat with Hat Attack. So happy to have you participate!

    1. Thank you, Judith for having us on Hat Attack.I love it and the fabulous women who share their headwear. My Mum absolutely loves your blog and has a renewed enthusiasm to master her ipad! And rediscover long forgotten hats.